Rewriting fractions as decimals

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We already know that the same quantity can be represented as a decimal or a fraction. In this tutorial, we'll begin to see how a fraction can be rewritten as a decimal. The trick is to make sure the fraction has been reduced or simplified as much as possible, then to convert the fraction so that you're dealing with tens or hundreds--a much friendlier environment for our decimal friends!

Basic example of rewriting a fraction as a decimal

VIDEO 4:00 minutes
Let's watch as Sal gives us a basic example of how to rewrite a fraction as a decimal. This will make a lot of sense!

Rewriting a fraction to decimal example 2

VIDEO 6:13 minutes
You'll see that it's much easier to rewrite a fraction as a decimal if you simplify and then convert the fraction in terms of tenths. Watch this and be amazed.

Rewriting fraction as a decimal to the hundredths place

VIDEO 3:49 minutes
As our earlier example, the goal is to simply the fraction and then convert it--this time in terms of hundredths.

Fractions as division by 10 or 100

Convert fractions to decimal form.