Comparing fractions

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Learn how to compare fractions with unlike denominators. Along the way, practice finding common denominators and simplifying fractions.

Intro to comparing fractions with different denominators

VIDEO 4:16 minutes
Examples comparing fractions with different denominators. Key idea: we need to find common denominators.

Comparing fractions with different numerators and denominators

Practice comparing two fractions with greater and less than symbols. Fractions in these problems have different denominators, so you must find a common denominator before comparing.

Ordering fractions

Practice ordering up to six fractions from least to greatest. Each practice problem gives you a bunch of fractions with different denominators, so you'll need to find common denominators before comparing.

Comparing fractions with different denominators

VIDEO 7:08 minutes
Need help comparing fractions? Try simplifying them first then finding a common denominator. The result are two fractions you can really compare.