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Hi so we need to Find all the factors of 120 Or another way to think about it, find all of the whole Numbers that 120 is divisible by. So the first one, that's maybe obvious All whole numbers are divisible by 1 So we could write 120 is equal to is to 1 times 20 So let's write a factors list over here So this is going to be our factors list over here. So we just found two factors We said, well, is it divisible by 1 Well, every whole number is divisible by 1 This is a whole number, so one is a factor at the low end. 1 is a factor. That's its actual smallest factor, and its Largest factor is 120 You can't have something larger than 120 dividing Evenly into 120 121 will not go into 120 So the largest factor on our factors list Is going to be 120 Now let's think about others. Let's think about whether is 2 divisible into 120