Factors and multiples

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In this tutorial, we'll begin to think about the numbers that "make up" the number. This will be useful throughout our study of math. Whether we are adding fractions, exploring mystical number patterns, or breaking computer codes, factoring numbers are key! Let's go, kids! Common Core Standard: 4.OA.B.4

Finding factors of a number

VIDEO 9:53 minutes
To find the factors of a number means to find all the whole numbers that the number in question is divisible by. Can you help us find the factors in this example?

Finding factors and multiples

VIDEO 4:00 minutes
Watch and listen as we explain a simple way of remembering the difference between factors and multiples.

Interactive module: finding factors

VIDEO 3:10 minutes
Here's a video of Sal working on a exercise which helps you visualize the process of finding a number's factors.

Divisibility intuition

Identify all positive factors of a one or two-digit number.

Factor pairs

Practice finding factor pairs for whole numbers.

Identifying factors and multiples

Demonstrate understanding of factors and multiples.