Adding multi-digit numbers

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You know how to add multi-digit numbers from the 3rd grade. Now we will give you even more practice (and tackle even larger numbers)! We'll dive into something called "regrouping" or "carrying" - it's a nifty little trick that makes adding multi-digit numbers much easier! Common Core Standard: 4.NBT.B.4

Adding: base ten warmup

VIDEO 3:02 minutes
Our goal is to understand that the three digits of a three-digit number represent amounts of hundreds, tens, and ones. We'll use the bead counter to help!

Adding: three digit numbers

VIDEO 2:26 minutes
We're going to learn all about carrying when adding a 3 digit number. Join us!

Adding: why carrying works

VIDEO 2:30 minutes
Sometimes when we add, we carry our tens to the next column. Let's watch this so we can understand why it works.

Adding: three digit numbers and regrouping

VIDEO 3:04 minutes
In the old days 'regrouping' was known as "carrying." It's the same idea now as then: moving the tens (or hundreds or thousands) over to the next column.

Addition within 1000

Add two numbers with a sum less than 1000.