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Finding place value

Sal finds the place value of 3 in 4356. Created by Sal Khan and Monterey Institute for Technology and Education.

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Video transcript

Find the place value of 3 in 4,356. Now, whenever I think about place value, and the more you do practice problems on this it'll become a little bit of second nature, but whenever I see a problem like this, I like to expand out what 4,356 really is, so let me rewrite the number. So if I were to write it-- and I'll write it in different colors. So 4,356 is equal to-- and just think about how I just said it. It is equal to 4,000 plus 300 plus 50 plus 6. And you could come up with that just based on how we said it: four thousand, three hundred, and fifty-six. Now another way to think about this is this is just like saying this is 4 thousands plus-- or you could even think of "and"-- so plus 3 hundreds plus 50, you could think of it as 5 tens plus 6. And instead of 6, we could say plus 6 ones. And so if we go back to the original number 4,356, this is the same thing as 4-- I'll write it down. Let me see how well I can-- I'll write it up like this. This is the same thing is 4 thousands, 3 hundreds, 5 tens and then 6 ones. So when they ask what is the place value of 3 into 4,356, we're concerned with this 3 right here, and it's place value. It's in the hundreds place. If there was a 4 here, that would mean we're dealing with 4 hundreds. If there's a 5, 5 hundreds. It's the third from the right. This is the ones place. That's 6 ones, 5 tens, 3 hundreds. So the answer here is it is in the hundreds place.