Regrouping decimal numbers

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We're stretching ourselves and getting at the very core of decimal understanding: place value and regrouping! Let's explore how we can regroup and redistribute value among the various place values in a decimal number. It's important you take your time and really soak this in. Listen to the videos several times if you need to! Common Core Standard: 5.NBT.A.1

Regrouping whole numbers

VIDEO 4:23 minutes
A number like 675 is really an addition problem. Each place value is added together to form the sum (the number). If we regroup the numbers thereby changing the individual place values, we still don't change the outcome. It's still the ...

Regrouping whole numbers example 1

VIDEO 2:42 minutes
This example problem gets the ole noggin working. We're regrouping numbers and having to determine how each place value shakes out.

Regrouping whole numbers example 2

VIDEO 1:19 minutes
Let's work this example together. It will make clear the whole idea of regrouping whole numbers.

Regrouping whole numbers

Regroup numbers in each place value (e.g., regroup 1 ten as 10 ones) to express whole numbers in different ways.

Regrouping with decimals

VIDEO 4:15 minutes
We're doing more regrouping but this time using decimals. Just remember those place values!

Regrouping with decimals example 1

VIDEO 4:03 minutes
Similar to a problem we did earlier but with whole numbers, this time we're having to regroup with decimals and find the right answer. Take your time.

Regrouping decimals example 2

VIDEO 3:28 minutes
Great decimal regrouping exercise. Do this one with us and see how well you've mastered the regrouping decimal topic!

Regrouping decimals

Regroup numbers in each place value (e.g., regroup 1 ten as 10 ones) to express decimals in different ways.