Comparing decimals

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Let's test our understanding of decimals by comparing them to one another! The key in this tutorial is to develop a process of comparing decimals that involves looking at one place value at a time...finding the smallest (or biggest)...and then moving on to the next place value. In other words, don't try to look at the whole decimal at once. Common Core Standard: 5.NBT.A.3b

Comparing decimals: difference in largest place value

VIDEO 4:24 minutes
Confused trying to determine which decimal is larger? Let's compare two decimals in this example. Remember that you're looking for the difference is the largest place value to find the larger decimal.

Comparing decimals: place value difference

VIDEO 2:08 minutes
It's not uncommon to be asked to compare two decimals and judge which one is larger. How do you do that? This video will gave you the confidence to answer that question.

Comparing decimals 2

Compare two decimals with digits up to the thousandths using >, <, and = symbols.

Comparing decimals: ordering from least to greatest

VIDEO 2:39 minutes
This is a fun example where we reorder decimals from smallest to largest. You're looking for the place value that is the most signifiant, and then working backwards.

Comparing decimals: ordering from smallest to biggest

VIDEO 1:28 minutes
Let's move the decimals around and reorder them from least to greatest. Hint: look at one place value and then compare it to the decimals before moving on to the next place value.

Ordering decimals

Order 5 decimals with digits up to the thousandths from least to greatest.