Unit word problems

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Now that you have some experience converting between units, let's apply that skill in some real-world problems (okay, some of them are a bit concocted, but it's all about the learning)! We'll tackle word problems that deal with distance, weight, volume, time, and more! Common Core Standard: 5.MD.A.1

Time word problem: How long is Susan's break?

VIDEO 3:38 minutes
We're looking for the difference in time in this unit conversion word problem. We'll use a timeline to make it a little easier. Follow along.

Units of measurement word problem: volume (metric)

VIDEO 4:05 minutes
Great word problem that get us thinking about volume. We'll need to express the answer in two different units of measurement.

Converting units word problems (metric)

Solve word problems that involve converting between metric measures of distance, volume, and mass, as well as measures of time.

Unit measurement word problem: distance (US customary)

VIDEO 4:14 minutes
We're applying what we've learned about converting units of measure in this word problem. We're also using arithmetic calculations. Let's give it a try!

Unit measurement word problem: volume (US customary)

VIDEO 3:29 minutes
Pints or gallons? Gallons or quarts? Confused? You won't be for long. This unit measurement word problem gets us thinking about moving between these units of volume.

Unit measurement word problem: weight (US customary)

VIDEO 7:08 minutes
We're moving between units of weight in this word problem. Ever get in an elevator with a bunch people and wonder to yourself, "How many people can this elevator safely hold?" Yeah, us too. You can solve that problem now.

Multiple units word problem: Running laps (example)

VIDEO 8:04 minutes
Sal solves a word problem where he finds the number of necessary running laps given the length of a lap and the desired running distance.

Converting units word problems (US customary)

Solve word problems that involve converting between US customary measures of distance, volume, and mass.