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Wait, I'm in Europe and my car only tells my distance traveled in kilometers! But I'm used to a units of distance devised by the Romans to measure the average length of 1000 paces of a soldier (the "mile")! How do I operate? This tutorial is about the fundamental skill of unit conversion. Sal's cousin Nadia being a bit confused with this was actually the reason why he started tutoring her (which led to the creation of the Khan Academy). Common Core Standard: 5.MD.A.1

Unit conversion: minutes to hours

VIDEO 4:54 minutes
We're going to convert minutes into hours, but consider whether it is best to state the answer as a decimal or a mixed number. In truth, it doesn't make a difference...both are correct!

Unit conversion: ordering metric distances

VIDEO 4:02 minutes
Although not all countries use the metric system, almost all do use it some. Let's see if you can help us order these metric distances. It's a great lesson on the powers of 10, too!

Unit conversion: centimeters to meters

VIDEO 3:04 minutes
Which are smaller: centimeters or meters? If you know the answer to that question, then solving this problem gets a little easier. Let's convert centimeters to meters.

Converting units (metrics)

Convert between metric measures of distance, volume, and mass.

Unit conversion: gallons to quarts, pints, and cups

VIDEO 5:17 minutes
What's the difference between gallons, quarts, pints, and cups? Soooo many people go their entire lives without knowing how to convert one unit of measure to another. Take note.

Unit conversion: arithmetic calculations on units of volume

VIDEO 5:23 minutes
Sometimes we have different units of measure and are asked to add them up. The answer can't be stated in ALL units so we have to pick one unit of measure. In this example, you'll practice that scenario with us.

How to describe the same length with different units (example)

VIDEO 5:48 minutes
Sal shows how we can describe the length 4.5 yards in a variety of different units, using dimensional analysis.

Converting units (US customary)

Convert between US customary measures of distance, volume, and mass.