Multiplying fractions

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We're about to have fraction fun! Life doesn't always happen in whole numbers. All around you are fractions that you will need to multiply--sometimes by whole numbers and other times by other fractions. This tutorial will give you a great conceptual and practical understanding of how and why you multiply fractions. Common Core Standards: 5.NF.B.4, 5.NF.B.4a, 5.NF.B.4b, 5.NF.B.5, 5.NF.B.5a, 5.NF.B.5b

Multiplying two fractions: an explanation

VIDEO 5:06 minutes
This video will help you think about what it means to multiply two fractions. By drawing the problem and "seeing" the answer, you'll better understand how we arrived at it.

Multiplying two fractions: example

VIDEO 2:26 minutes
Let's practice multiplying two fractions together. We'll learn to simplify the answer, too.

Multiplying fractions: visualizing

VIDEO 4:57 minutes
Here's a great way to visualize fraction multiplication problems. Once you understand this, doing them on your own will be a lot easier!

Multiplying two fractions: number line approach

VIDEO 4:46 minutes
Fraction multiplication getting you down? No worries. This explanation which uses a number line to visualize the problem will lift your spirits.

Multiplying fractions

Practice multiplying two fractions.

Understanding multiplying fractions by fractions

Use area models, number lines, and tape diagrams to multiply a fraction times a fraction.

Areas of rectangles with fractional side lengths

Practice computing the areas of rectangles that have fractional side lengths.