Dividing fractions

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This is one exciting tutorial. In it, we will understand that fractions can represent division (and the other way around). Then we will create fractions by dividing whole numbers and then start dividing the fractions themselves. We'll see that dividing by something is the exact same thing as multiplying by that thing's reciprocal! Common Core Standards: 5.NF.B.3, 5.NF.B.7, 5.NF.B.7a, 5.NF.B.7b, 5.NF.B.7c

Understanding fractions as division

VIDEO 6:44 minutes
Understanding the relationship between multiplication and division of fractions makes division a lot easier. Listen to this great explanation and you, too, will be an awesome fraction wizard!

Using fractions as division to create mixed numbers

VIDEO 5:10 minutes
We really slice and dice it for you in this video and give you an awesome explanation of the relationship between fractions, division, and mixed numbers.

Creating a fraction through division of whole numbers

VIDEO 2:45 minutes
Remember that a whole number is actually a fraction, too? In this video we'll look at dividing whole numbers as fractions and how that leads to fractional answers!

Mixed numbers on a number line

VIDEO 2:31 minutes
Understanding how an improper fraction is transformed into a mixed number using a number line.

Understanding fractions as division

Divide two whole numbers to get a fraction quotient.  Items include word problems and visual models.  

Dividing whole numbers and fractions: potpourri

VIDEO 2:32 minutes
You know how to divide whole numbers...you probably know how to divide fractions, but what about dividing whole numbers AND fractions? This word problem will give us a real life application

Dividing whole numbers and fractions: studying

VIDEO 2:35 minutes
As you work this division word problem using whole numbers and fractions, don't forget to invert and multiply!

Dividing whole numbers and fractions: t-shirts

VIDEO 2:08 minutes
Dividing a whole number by a fraction? Turn the tables and multiply by the reciprocal of the fraction. Boom!

Dividing fractions by whole numbers

Divide a fraction by a whole number.

Dividing whole numbers by fractions

Divide a whole number by a fraction.

Division with fractions and whole numbers word problems

Solve and interpret division word problems that include whole numbers and fractions.