Adding and subtracting fractions word problems

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You know what a fraction is and are now eager to apply this knowledge to real-world situations? Well, you're about to see that adding and subtracting fractions is far more powerful (and fun) then you've ever dreamed possible. But wait...there's more! We'll also throw in some mixed number addition and subtraction. No extra charge! Common Core Standard: 5.NF.A.2

Adding fractions with unlike denominators: word problem

VIDEO 5:47 minutes
We can do math problem all day long, but to really understand math--you have to apply it. Let's apply adding fractions to this word problem.

Subtracting fractions with unlike denominators: word problem

VIDEO 3:19 minutes
To find the answer to this word problem, we'll have to convert the mixed numbers into improper fractions first.

Adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators word problems

Solve and interpret addition and subtraction word problems with fractions.  

Adding mixed numbers

VIDEO 2:21 minutes
You know mixed numbers, right? A number that is both a whole number and a proper fraction? Let's add a few together. If this is new to you, no worries. We'll explain everything.

Subtracting mixed numbers

VIDEO 2:31 minutes
Although this sounds like strictly a subtraction problem, it's also partially addition in that we have mixed numbers. By definition, a mixed number includes a whole number added to a proper fraction. We'll clarify it and with a little ...

Adding and subtracting mixed numbers with unlike denominators

Add or subtract two mixed numbers with different denominators.