Multiplication and decimals

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The real world is seldom about whole numbers. If you precisely measure anything, you're likely to get a decimal. If you don't know how to multiply these decimals, then you won't be able to do all the powerful things that multiplication can do in the real world (figure out your commission as a robot possum salesperson, determining how much shag carpet you need for your secret lair, etc.). Common Core Standards: 5.NBT.B.5, 5.NBT.B.7

Multiplying multiple digit numbers

VIDEO 10:27 minutes
Working our way up to multiplying multiple-digit numbers with each other. We'll go slow so you can follow along.

Multi-digit multiplication

Multiply 2-3 digits by 3-4 digits with carrying.

Introduction to multiplying decimals

VIDEO 3:50 minutes
Multiplying decimals can be confusing because there's always the question as to where the decimals goes in the answer. We're about to show you so you'll never have to question it again!

Multiplying decimals word problem

VIDEO 2:32 minutes
We're multiplying decimals again, but this time answering a common question: what's the cost of filling up the car tank?

Multiplying decimals 1

Multiply a whole number times a decimal written to the tenths or hundredths place.  

Multiplying decimals: place value and reordering

VIDEO 6:29 minutes
We want you to develop an intuition about how to work with decimals. Understanding how you can rewrite decimals by considering the place value will help you multiply!

Multiplying decimals example

VIDEO 2:52 minutes
Multiplying decimals? Try multiplying without the decimals first, them add them back in. We'll show you.

Multiplying challenging decimals

VIDEO 4:25 minutes
Sometimes multiplying really small decimals (with all those zeros!) can be a little intimidating. Watch as we show you a handy trick to simplify these problems and solve them.

Multiplying decimals 2

Multiply two numbers.  Factors are written to the ones, tenths, or hundredths place.