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fill on the table with whole numbers to write 430 in five different ways so let's think about this a little bit we could literally view this for as four hundreds so it's four hundreds and the three is in the tens place so it's three tens this is for hundreds and three tens but we could rearrange things a little bit for example we might only have three hundreds so we took 100 from the hundreds place and we can give it to the tens place so if you take that hundred and give it to the tens place a hundred is ten tens so you've got ten tens and then you already had three tens so you're going to have 13 tens 13 tens right over here now this seems a little confusing remember this is four hundred and thirty this is three hundred plus 130 that's still 430 likewise you could view this as 200 plus 230 230 is the same thing is 23 tens same way you could view this as one hundred plus three hundred thirty 33 tens is 330 and finally you could view it as zero hundreds and forty three tens forty three tens is four hundred and thirty