Computing with numbers in scientific notation

5 videos
2 skills
Solve multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction problems involving numbers written in scientific notation.

Multiplying in scientific notation (example)

VIDEO 5:23 minutes
Learn how to solve a multiplication problem using scientific notation: (9.1 * 10^6)(3.2 * 10^-5)

Multiplying and dividing in scientific notation (example)

VIDEO 2:53 minutes
Learn how to simplify a multiplication and division expression using scientific notation. The expression in this problem is (7 * 10^5) / ((2 * 10^-2)(2.5 * 10^9)).

Multiplying three numbers in scientific notation (example)

VIDEO 7:35 minutes
Multiplying really big or really small numbers is much easier when using scientific notation. This video gives an example of multiplying three numbers that are written in scientific notation.

Multiplying and dividing scientific notation

Practice expressing products and quotients in scientific notation.

Subtracting in scientific notation

VIDEO 4:13 minutes
Learn how to subtract numbers written in scientific notation. The problem solved in this video is (4.1 * 10^-2) - (2.6 * 10^-3).

Adding and subtracting in scientific notation

Given two numbers in scientific notation, practice adding and subtracting them.