Exponent properties

3 videos
2 skills
Learn the rules for simplifying exponent expressions.

Exponent properties with products

VIDEO 14:00 minutes
Gain a deep intuition for these exponent properties: (x^a)( x^b)=x^(a+b) and (xy)^a=(x^a)(y^a) and (x^a)^b=x^(a*b)

Exponent properties with quotients

VIDEO 9:22 minutes
Learn how to simplify expressions like (5^6)/(5^2). Also learn how 1/(a^b) is the same as a^-b. Towards the end of the video, we practice simplifying more complex expressions like (25 * x * y^6)/(20 * y^5 * x^2).

Using exponent rules to evaluate expressions

Practice evaluating expressions by adding, subtracting, or multiplying exponents.

Properties of exponents

Practice applying properties of exponents.

Exponent properties with parantheses

VIDEO 5:58 minutes
Learn two exponent properties: (ab)^c and (a^b)^c. See WHY they work and HOW to use them.