Linear and nonlinear functions

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Not every relationship in the universe can be represented by a line (in fact, most can't be). We call these "nonlinear". In this tutorial, you'll learn to tell the difference between a linear and nonlinear function! Have fun! Common Core Standare: 8.F.A.3

Recognizing linear functions

VIDEO 4:01 minutes
Recognizing Linear Functions

Linear & nonlinear functions: table

VIDEO 2:26 minutes
Sal determines if a table of values represents a linear function.

Linear & nonlinear functions: word problem

VIDEO 3:35 minutes
Sal determines if the relationship described in a word problem is a function.

Linear & nonlinear functions: missing value

VIDEO 2:13 minutes
Sal finds the missing value in a table to make sure it represents a linear equation.

Linear & nonlinear functions

Determine if a relationship is linear or nonlinear.

Interpreting a graph example

VIDEO 2:23 minutes
Sal completes a couple of sentences to describe a graph.

Interpreting graphs of functions

Interpret the graphs of both linear and nonlinear functions.