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Geometry: FAQ

Frequently asked questions about geometry.

What is the difference between identifying and classifying shapes?

When we identify a shape, we say what it is, like a square or a triangle.
When we classify shapes, we group them together based on shared characteristics, like all the shapes with four sides.

What is an angle?

An angle is formed when two lines meet. We can measure angles in degrees.

What are some ways we can analyze shapes?

We can look at things like the number of sides, the lengths of the sides, the angles, and whether the shape has any lines of symmetry.

What does it mean to partition a rectangle?

Partitioning a rectangle means dividing it into smaller, equal parts.

Where do we use geometry in the real world?

Geometry is used in many places! Architects use it to design buildings, engineers use it to create bridges and other structures, and artists use it to create paintings and sculptures.

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