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Subtract within 20 using ten frames

Sal subtracts 13-6 using ten frames. Created by Sal Khan.

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Video transcript

So, let's think about what 13 minus 6 is. Pause this video and see if you can figure that out. And as a little bit of a hint, I will give you these 10-frames where we can try to represent 13. Remember 13 is going to be, you're going to have 10 and then you're going to have another three. That's 13, you have a 10, one 10, and then you have three, and we wanna take away six. So, pause this video and try to do that. All right, so let's just take away six. So, let's take away that one, that one. I took away two, three, four, five, six. And so how much do I have left? Well, let's see, in this 10-frame, I can see that I have a five and then two more right over here. So, five and two is seven, or we could say five, six, seven. And so this is just going to be equal to seven.