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when counting by fives starting from 170 hot when counting by fives starting from 179 which numbers will you say so let's do that let's start with 179 and let's count by fives so 179 plus five is equal to what well 179 one way I think about it 179 plus five is the same thing as 179 plus one plus four and I added one just so I get to 180 so this part right here is equal to 180 so it's going to be the same thing as 180 plus four so it's equal to 184 now let's keep going so let's just put we start at 179 then we go to 184 then if we want to add 5 to that well 184 plus 5 we add five in the ones place we get 189 now if we add 5 again we're going to do with just what we had over here 189 189 plus 5 that's the sum same thing is 189 plus 1 plus 4 189 plus 1 is 90 or 190 plus 4 is 194 so this is going to be 194 and then if you add 5 you're going to get 199 I just added the 5 to this 4 here in the ones place now if you had 5 again let's see 109 this would be 199 plus 5 is the same thing as 199 plus 1 plus 4 so 199 plus 1 is 200 plus 4 is 204 so let's see which of these numbers we see so far so we saw 184 we see 189 we didn't see 186 we saw 194 we saw 199 and we saw 204 and we are done