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hello your majesty what can I help you Oh Sal I have such an emergency I have commissioned a good statue of my father's head and I'm not sure if it's the right size oh well well what what is what is the right size well as you know in our kingdom we have a tradition of measuring things in terms of blue fuzzy squares yep I'm aware of that I also like to to measure things in terms of blue fuzzy squares and by law all good statues in our kingdom have to be exactly for blue fuzzy squares tall okay that seems like a reasonable law so what's what's the issue well I'm not sure if this statue is for blue fuzzy squares tall well okay well let's let's let's calm down I think I think we can work through this I have a bunch of blue fuzzy squares here why don't we why don't we put them next to the statue and see if they're this if we're if we are exactly for blue fuzzy squares tall oh that would be just wonderful oh here you go here you go your highness yeah why don't want you why don't you stack them up oh listen let me do this okay so that's one two and blue oh my god this is an emergency this is only three blue fuzzy squares tall it is not tall enough oh no what am I going to do oh wait no wait hold on hold on it's decide I don't think you have to panic just yet because when I look at how you stack them up and it's actually quite amazing because you allowed you somehow made these blue fuzzy squares levitate oh of course how blue fuzzy squares need to levitate okay well yeah and that's that's that's neat but if you really wanted to measure you need to make sure that you don't have any gaps over here so so why don't you try again so let's take these these blue fuzzy squares out and while you try to try to measure again okay now that makes makes all the sense in the world okay so let me try again so that's one you notice I'm not letting them no gaps here yep yep okay although it's already well let me keep going so I'll stop interrupting me okay okay keep going your highness three and five oh no no no this isn't all wrong it's going to be a disaster it needs to be four not five blue fuzzy squares oh wait wait your highness I I don't don't panic it I don't think this is quite right because you didn't start you didn't start at the bottom of the statue you started below the bottom of the statue and you didn't end at the top of the statue you ended above the top of the statue so it isn't five blue fuzzy squares tall Oh Sal I'm just so confused can you just do it for me oh well I think it's better if you do it yourself just keep keep keep it in mind start start measuring start measuring at the bottom of the statue and stop measuring at the top of the statue and just make sure that you don't have any spaces in between okay I'm getting tired but I'll give it one last try yeah I think I think that's a good good good good idea it's always about making a good a good effort on things okay here I go this is the bottom so I'll stop stacking there this is the top so I will stop stacking there okay one two and I don't want any gaps so two three three and oh oh it actually looks just about right it looks just about right we are exactly we are exactly four blue fuzzy squares tall oh this is just going to be a wonderful addition to the palace thank you so much well I'm glad to help you your your highness