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Understanding place value when adding tens

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so the number 23 we have a two in the tens place so that two literally represents two tens and we see it right over here we have two groups of ten blocks this is a ten and this is a ten so this two literally represents two tens one ten and two tens now this three is in the ones place and it represents three ones we see them right over here one two three blocks and of course if you hit three ones together with two tens these two tens represent twenty and these three ones represent three so you get 23 so let's write that down so we could write down the 23 23 is equal to 2 tens to tens plus three ones plus three three ones now what would happen if I added 22 23 let me do that so let's say actually let me do something more interesting let's say we take 23 23 and to that we add 30 so let's add let's add 33 zero three zero so what is this going to be well I start with 23 which I have represented here and I'm going to add 30 30 has 3 in the tens place so it literally means I'm going to add three tens and I'm going to add zero once so let me add those three tens so that's one ten this is two tens and then that is three tens so I've added one two and three tens here so now now how many tens do I have well I now have one two three four five tens and notice two plus 3 tens is equal to five tens so now I have five tens and how many ones do I have well I still have those three ones and you could think of it this way three ones plus zero ones is still going to be three ones three ones so what's 23 what's 23 plus 30 going to be let me rewrite it 23 plus 30 plus 30 is going to be equal to well five tens we could just write that as a 5 in the tens place represents five tens or 50 and then we're going to have three ones oops oh let me do that in a different in the ones color in that orange color Izzie and three ones so 23 plus 30 is 53 you have two tens plus 3 tens give you five tens three ones plus zero ones is equal to three ones