Coordinate plane

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We first explored the coordinate plane in the 5th grade. But that was only dealing with positive coordinate. Now, however, we know all about negative numbers so why not have negative coordinates as well! Common Core Standards: 6.NS.C.6, 6.NS.C.6b, 6.NS.C.6c, 6.NS.C.8

Coordinate plane examples

VIDEO 6:50 minutes
Let's get familiar with the x/y coordinate plane, both from the perspective of plotting points and interpreting the placement of points on a plane.

Coordinate plane: graphing points

VIDEO 2:21 minutes
This exercise asks us to graph a set of points from an ordered pair on the x and y axis of a coordinate plane.

Graphing points

Plot a given point on the coordinate plane.

Coordinate plane: graphing points word problem

VIDEO 2:06 minutes
Naomi needs some help counting the number of blocks she walks from home to school. We'll use the coordinate plane to graph it out first. Let's go.

Coordinate plane word problems in the first quadrant

Find the distance between points, graph points, and interpret data on coordinate planes to solve word problems.

Coordinate plane: quadrants

VIDEO 2:24 minutes
You like dividing up a pizza into slices? In geometry, we slice up the coordinate plane into quadrants. Although these are more like squares than triangular pizza slices! Let's learn about them.

Coordinate plane: graphing points and naming quadrants

VIDEO 1:56 minutes
This is a great exercise example in which we plot the ordered pair and then identify which quadrant the point lies. You'll get the hang of this quickly!

Graphing points and naming quadrants

Practice graphing points and identifying which quadrants they're in.

Coordinate plane: have all the points been graphed?

VIDEO 1:03 minutes
Some of the given ordered pairs are already graphed on the coordinate pane in this example, but not all of them. Can you tell which haven't?

Points on the coordinate plane

Practice plotting points using an xy coordinate system. The cooridnates of the points in these problems may be negative.

Coordinate plane: word problem exercise

VIDEO 4:47 minutes
In this word problem, we need to plot the ordered pairs and then figure out the difference in the y coodinate between the two. This will give us our answer!

Coordinate plane problems in all four quadrants

Practice solving word problems by interpreting the meaning of points plotted on an xy coordinate system.

Coordinate plane: reflecting points

VIDEO 3:35 minutes
Just like looking at a mirror image of yourself, but flipped....a reflection point is the mirror point on the opposite axis. Watch this tutorial and reflect :)

Reflecting points on the coordinate plane

Practice reflecting points across axes on the xy coordinate plane.