CCSS Math: 6.NS.C.6, 6.NS.C.6c
Review graphing points on a coordinate plane, and try some practice problems.

Ordered pairs

Ordered pairs are made up of two numbers. The first number is the xx-coordinate and the second number is the yy-coordinate: (x,y)(x,y).
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Graphing ordered pairs

To graph an ordered pair, we start at the origin. Next, we move right (positive) or left (negative) to the xx-coordinate. From there, we move up (positive) or down (negative) to the yy-coordinate.
Example 1: (6,8)(6,-8)
To graph (6,8)(\blueD{6}, \greenD{-8}), we move right 6\blueD{\text{right 6}} from the origin (0,0)(0,0), then down 8\greenD{\text{down 8}} from there.
Example 2: (0,9)(0,-9)
To graph (0,9)(\blueD{0}, \greenD{-9}), we move right 0\blueD{\text{right 0}} from the origin (0,0)(0,0), then down 9\greenD{\text{down 9}} from there.
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Problem 1
Drag the dots to plot (6,8)(6,-8), (2,7)(2,7), and (1,4)(1,-4).

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