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Blair scored 144 points this football season he scored all his points with 50-yard field goal that's actually pretty impressive 50th that's like close to record-breaking and even in the National Football League I think the records like 60 yards or something so that's Blair seems like a fairly impressive individual he scored all his points with 50-yard field goal kicks 50-yard well 50-yard field goal kicks I'm just underlying that because I'm impressed by how far those field goals are which are each worth three points so a field goal and American football I should clarify for those of you from other countries who think we're talking about soccer a field goal is worth three points each he played he played in 16 games this season how many field goals did Blair make in each game assume he made the same number in each game so this guy's incredibly is an incredibly consistent field goal kicker he makes 50-yard field goals he makes the same in every game so let's think about how many field goals did he make in each game so there's a couple of ways you can do this we could first figure out well how many field goals did he make in the season so he scored 144 points he scored 144 points total and if we divide that by three we divide that by the fact that a field goal gets you three points per field goal so the total number of points divided by the points per field goal this should give us the total number of field goals he had so this right over here is going to be equal to so three goes into 144 let me do this on the side right over here 3 goes into 144 3 goes into doesn't go into 1 it goes into 14 4 times 4 times 3 is 12 subtract 14 minus 12 is to bring down a 4 3 goes into 24 perfectly it goes exactly 8 times 8 times 3 is 24 we have no remainder so 144 divided by 3 is equal to 48 so all season he's kicked 48 48 field goals field field goals now we still haven't answered their question how many do you make in each game and we're assuming it's the same number in each game so this is a total number across 16 games to find out the average he makes in each game we divide this by 16 so let's take 48 total field goals divided by 16 games divided by 16 games is going to be well 48 divided by 16 is three this is equal to three three field goals field goals field goals per per game and we're done how many field goals did he score it make in each game he scored three