Multiplying fractions word problems

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Multiplying fractions is useful. Period. That's all we really have to say. Believe us don't believe us. You'll learn eventually. This tutorial will have you multiplying in real-world scenarios (which is almost as fun as completely artificial, fake scenarios).

Multiplying fractions word problem: movie marathon

VIDEO 3:42 minutes
We want to do a movie marathon! Let's figure out how long our marathon will last if each movie length is represented as a mixed number.

Multiplying fractions word problem: milk love

VIDEO 2:19 minutes
Who doesn't love milk? Our family sure does. Let's figure out how much milk is consumed each month if each person consumes a fractional amount of milk.

Multiplying fractions word problem: pigging out on pumpkin pie

VIDEO 4:36 minutes
Oops! Someone tried to solve this problem and made a mistake. See if you can spot the error.

Multiplying fractions and whole numbers word problems

Practice solving multiplication word problems that include whole numbers and fractions.

Multiplying fractions word problem: banana oat muffin recipe

VIDEO 3:39 minutes
We hope you learn to cook. Everyone should! At some point you'll need to make 1/2 a recipe which means using 1/2 of every ingredient in the recipe. Here's an example.

Multiplying fractions word problem: laundry emergency

VIDEO 1:20 minutes
Someone is about to run out of laundry detergent which means sticky clothes! Help her estimate how much she has left.

Multiplying fractions word problem: bike to a friend

VIDEO 3:51 minutes
You know how long it takes to bike to your friend's house, and you know how fast your can ride. So how far away does your friend live? The answer is one fraction multiplication problem away!

Multiplying fractions by fractions word problems

Solve and interpret fraction multiplication word problems.