Decomposing fractions

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In this tutorial, we'll see that a fraction can be broken up (or decomposed) into a bunch of other fractions. You might see the world in a completely different way after this.

Decomposing a fraction visually

VIDEO 4:59 minutes
It helps to visually understand what decomposing a fraction looks like. We're pretty sure you're going to like this.

Decomposing a mixed number

VIDEO 5:00 minutes
Decomposing mixed numbers is a pretty straightforward process. It's as simple as adding fractions with like denominators. Watch us do it!

Adding up fractions

VIDEO 1:36 minutes
We need the sum of all the fractions to equal the given fraction. Can you help us choose which ones to use?

Decomposing fractions

Practice decomposing fractions (breaking fractions into parts that can be added together).