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Fractions on number line widget

CCSS Math: 3.NF.A.2, 3.NF.A.2b

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- [Voiceover] We're on the fractions on the number line exercise on Khan Academy, and they ask us to move the orange dot to three-fourths on the number line. Change the number of divisions to create tick marks on the number line. Let's see what's going on here. I have the space from zero to one on the number line. If I want to move it to three-fourths, what I would first want to do is divide the space between zero and one into fourths, into four equal sections. I would want to have four divisions here. And there you have it, four divisions. I typed in the number four and have four equal divisions. One, two, three, four. This is going to be a fourth, that's another fourth, that's another fourth, and that's another fourth. What we care about is three-fourths. Once again, that's one-fourth, this would be another fourth, getting us to two-fourths, and then this would be another fourth, getting us to three-fourths. So, there you have it. That is three-fourths on the number line.