Decomposing fractions review

CCSS Math: 4.NF.B.3, 4.NF.B.3b
Review the basics of decomposing fractions, and try some practice problems.

Decomposing fractions

To decompose a number, we break it into smaller parts.
We can decompose 5454 into 50+450+4.
Fractions, like all numbers, can be decomposed in many ways.
Here are a few possible ways to decompose 77 :
  • 2+52+5
  • 4+2+14+2+1
  • 6+16+1
  • 1+2+3+11+2+3+1

Example 1: Tape diagram

Let's decompose 59\dfrac59.
One way we can decompose 59\dfrac59 is 29+39\goldD{\dfrac29}+\greenD{\dfrac39}:
Another way we can decompose 59\dfrac59 is 19+29+29\purpleD{\dfrac19}+\redD{\dfrac29}+\tealD{\dfrac29}:

Example 2: Number line

How can we decompose 64\dfrac64?
One way we can decompose 64\dfrac64 is 14+14+14+14+14+14\purpleD{\dfrac14}+\purpleD{\dfrac14}+\purpleD{\dfrac14}+\purpleD{\dfrac14}+\purpleD{\dfrac14}+\purpleD{\dfrac14}:
Another way we can decompose 64\dfrac64 is 34+34\blueD{\dfrac34}+\blueD{\dfrac34}:
Want to learn more about decomposing fractions? Check out this video.


Problem 1
Which of these sums equal 1410\dfrac{14}{10} ?
Choose all answers that apply:
Choose all answers that apply:

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