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Let's add these two mixed numbers two and five thirteenths plus seven and six thirteenths and the way I like to think about it in my head, I like to separate out the mixed numbers in to the whole number component and the fractional component so we can rewrite two and five thirteenths as, two plus five over thirteen and then, we can write that plus, then seven and six thirteenths we can rewrite as plus seven plus six thirteenths so all I did is I rewrote this and essentially expanded out, I broke up the mixed numbers in to their whole number parts and their fractional parts and then what I like to do is I like to add the whole number parts so this two plus this seven, so I'll do the two plus seven over here... I'll add those up, and to that I will add the fractional parts so to that, I will add the five thirteenths to the six thirteenths so if we add the whole number parts two plus seven is nine and the fractional parts, already having the same denominator five thirteenths plus six thirteenths your going to get eleven thirteenths, five plus six is eleven so you get nine plus eleven thirteenths well that's just the same thing as nine and eleven thirteenths and we are done!