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Adding and subtracting decimals percentages and fractions

3 videos
1 skill
If you think you know how to convert between decimals, fractions and percentages and are familiar with negative numbers, this tutorial is a good place to test all of those skills at the same time.

Adding, subtracting numbers in different formats

VIDEO 4:29 minutes
In this example, we solve an addition problem with numbers in different formats: a percentage, decimal, and mixed number. First, we'll get them all in the same format...which makes it a while easier to solve!

Adding, subtracting fractions, decimals, percentages

VIDEO 4:34 minutes
What happens when we are asked to add or subtract fractions, decimals, and percentages? You'll see in this example that we first get them in the same format, and then add fractions.

Adding, subtracting fractions

VIDEO 2:36 minutes
Our focus here is on learning to multiply fractions. First we have to get the common denominator, then add positive and negative numbers.