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I think you've probably heard the word divide before, where someone tells you to divide something up. Divide the money between you and your brother or between you and your buddy And it essentially means to cut up something. So let me write the word divide. Lets's say that I have four quarters. Do my best to draw the quarters. If I have four quarters just like that Thats's my rendition of George Washington on the quarters. And lets say there's two of us, and we're going to divide the quarters between us. So this is me right here. Let me try my best to draw me. So that's me right there. Let's see, I have a lot of hair. And then this is you right there. I'll do my best. Let's say your bald. But you have side burns. Maybe you have a little bit of beard. So that's you, that's me, and we're going to divide these four quarters between the two of us. So notice, we have four quarters and we're going to divide between the two of us. There are two of us And I want to stress the the number two So we're gong to divide four quarters by two. We're going to divide it between the two of us. And you've probably done something like this. What happens? Well, each of us are going to get two quarters So let me divide it. We're going to divide it into two. Essentially what I did do is I take the four quarters and I divide it into two equal groups. Two equal groups. And that's what division is. We cut this group of quarters into two equal groups. SO when you divide four quarters into to two groups, so this was four quarters right there. And you want to divide it into to two groups. This is group one. Group one right here And this is group two right here. How many numbers are in each group? Or how many quarters are in each group? Well, in each group I have one, two quarters. I'll need to use a brighter color. I have one, two quarters in each group. One quarter and two quarters in each group. So write this out mathematically. I think this is something