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so we need to figure out what 46 plus 43 is let me write it down again and if I'll write it like this 46 plus 43 and what we do here is we just first look at the ones place we already have six ones plus three ones or you could say 6 & 3 and 6 plus 3 is just 9 6 plus 3 is 9 so we have 9 ones and then you have you go to the tens place and there's two ways to think about it you could view this as 4 plus 4 is equal to 8 but really the reality of what we're doing since we're operating in the tens place this is really 40 plus 40 is equal to 80 and we could do the same problem expand it out this is the same thing as 40 plus 6 we've seen this before right that's what 46 is and then 43 is the same thing as 40 plus 3 40 plus 3 we've expanded these out before and so when you add them when you add a 6 plus a 3 when you add a 6 plus a 3 you get a 9 and when you had a 40 plus a 40 you get an 80 you get an 80 so you get 80 plus 9 which is 89 and the whole reason why I did this is I wanted to show you that you really because when you're adding 4 is in the 10 place you're really adding 40s the fact that it's in the tens place represents that or the fact that the 4 is in the tens place shows that it represents 40 the fact that the eights there shows that it represents 80