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so I have two numbers here that I want to add together the first number is 327 and that means three hundreds I have a 3 in the hundreds place and you see them right over here you see the three hundreds each of these each of these big squares have three have a hundred little squares in them so three of them is going to be three hundreds and then I have two tends to tends the two is in the tens place so this is the two tens right over here and then I have seven ones the seven is in the ones place seven is in the ones place and you see the seven ones seven ones right over there now this is three hundreds to tens and 7 ones or 327 now to that I want to add 251 or another way of thinking about it I want to add to hundreds because the 2 is in the hundreds place to hundreds to hundreds 100 250 is the same thing as five tens we see a 5 in the tens place 5 do that same color 5 tens right over here 1/10 2/10 3/10 4/10 5/10 and then finally I have a 1 in the ones place so that just means one one you see that right over there this is one one one now pause the video and see if you could add these two numbers together all right now let's do it together so we have seven ones and to that we're going to add one one so how many ones is that going to be well seven ones plus one one is going to be eight ones you see it here seven and then you have an eighth one so eight ones 7 plus 1 is 8 now let's look at the tens I had two tens now I'm going to add five more tens you put them all together you're going to have seven tens two tens plus five tens you're going to have seven tens and then finally if you have three hundreds and you add two more hundreds how many hundreds are you going to have well you're going to have five hundreds and you see these five groups of 100 right over here so you're going to put a five in the hundreds place so three hundred and twenty seven plus two hundred fifty one is five hundred and seventy-eight five hundreds seven tens and eight ones