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so I have the number 163 and that is the same as I have a 1 in the hundreds place so that's 100 100 plus 6 tens plus 6 tens plus three ones 3 in the ones place plus three ones let me do that in the color in the color blue which I have for the ones place and I've drawn that out here where I actually draw 163 squares and you see it as one hundred six tens one two three four five six tens and three ones so this number right over here 163 it's the same thing as 100 plus six tens plus three ones and if you want to think about what it looks like this is 163 things you see the 100 you see the six tens and you see the three ones now I now want to add the number 324 to 163 so 324 is if we look at the hundreds place it's 300 s-300s it's two tens three hundredths plus two tens and four ones so plus four ones and we see that right over here drawn out or I guess I do all the boxes so 324 boxes this is 324 boxes you have three hundreds one two three hundreds two tens one two tens and four ones and so this number 324 is three hundreds two tens and four ones and if you want to think about how many boxes it is it's that many and you see them they are grouped into three groups of 100 that's the 300 it's two groups of ten that's the two tens and then four and then four ones so now let's add them together so let's first look at the ones place so the ones place you're going to have three ones plus four ones well that's going to be that's going to be let me do this in blue that's going to be seven ones three ones plus four ones that is seven ones a 7 in the ones place is 7 ones and we see that right over here three ones plus four ones that's seven ones now I have six tens and two tens well if I add them together I'm going to have eight tens eight tens five six 10s and two tens the six and this two of their in the tens place so this shows this this this represents six tens this represents two tens six tens plus two tenths is eight tens and we also see it here six tens plus two 10s is eight tens eight tens and finally we have one hundred plus another three hundreds so that's going to be four hundreds for four hundred and you see em right over here one two three four four hundreds let me circle all of these four hundredths 100 plus 300 is 400 so 163 plus 24 is 487 400s eight tens and 7 ones