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AP Stats: UNC (BI), UNC‑2 (EU), VAR (BI), VAR‑4 (EU)
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Possible mastery points
AP Stats: UNC (BI), UNC‑2 (EU), UNC‑2.A (LO), UNC‑2.A.1 (EK), UNC‑2.A.2 (EK), UNC‑2.A.3 (EK), UNC‑2.A.4 (EK), UNC‑2.A.5 (EK), UNC‑2.A.6 (EK), VAR (BI), VAR‑4 (EU), VAR‑4.A (LO), VAR‑4.A.1 (EK), VAR‑4.A.2 (EK), VAR‑4.A.3 (EK), VAR‑4.B (LO), VAR‑4.B.1 (EK)
AP Stats: VAR (BI), VAR‑4 (EU), VAR‑4.C (LO), VAR‑4.C.2 (EK), VAR‑4.E (LO), VAR‑4.E.4 (EK)
Level up on the above skills and collect up to 200 Mastery points
Level up on the above skills and collect up to 500 Mastery points
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About this unit

This unit on probability covers how to use simulations to calculate experimental probabilities and a variety of other methods (the addition rule, the multiplication rule, conditional probability) for calculating probability. Later, we'll use our understanding of probability to answer statistical questions.
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