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Study design

AP Stats: DAT (BI), DAT‑1 (EU), DAT‑2 (EU), VAR (BI), VAR‑1 (EU), VAR‑3 (EU)
AP Stats: DAT (BI), DAT‑2 (EU), DAT‑2.A (LO), DAT‑2.A.1 (EK), DAT‑2.A.2 (EK), DAT‑2.B (LO), DAT‑2.B.1 (EK), DAT‑2.B.2 (EK), DAT‑2.E (LO), DAT‑2.E.1 (EK), DAT‑2.E.2 (EK), DAT‑2.E.3 (EK), DAT‑2.E.4 (EK), DAT‑2.E.5 (EK), DAT‑2.E.6 (EK), VAR (BI), VAR‑1 (EU), VAR‑1.E (LO), VAR‑1.E.1 (EK)
AP Stats: DAT (BI), DAT‑2 (EU), DAT‑2.C (LO), DAT‑2.C.1 (EK), DAT‑2.C.2 (EK), DAT‑2.C.3 (EK), DAT‑2.C.4 (EK)
AP Stats: DAT (BI), DAT‑1 (EU), DAT‑1.C (LO), DAT‑1.C.2 (EK), DAT‑2 (EU), DAT‑2.A (LO), DAT‑2.A.3 (EK), DAT‑2.A.4 (EK), DAT‑2.B (LO), DAT‑2.B.3 (EK)

About this unit

Statistics is all about forming questions and gathering data to explore those questions. This unit covers sampling and survey methods, observational studies, and basic experiment design.
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