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Meet Jeff, a creator of AP Statistics on Khan Academy

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- I was a teacher for 10 years in Kalamazoo Public Schools. They're a mid-size urban district in southwest Michigan, and my first three years I taught algebra I, geometry, algebra II, the core math classes, but I also taught an introductory statistics course. And then in my fourth year teaching, I started teaching AP Statistics and taught it for my last seven years teaching. I love how AP courses really stretch students and give them a chance to really challenge themselves and take on a subject and a curriculum that is just a little bit harder than a standard high school curriculum might be for them. And it prepares them for a level of rigor in college that can be intimidating for a lot of students when they first enter a college course, but students who take AP classes, in my experience, tend to feel more comfortable once they get to college. I discovered Khan Academy when a coworker of mine showed it to me, and this was back when Khan Academy first started, and a coworker showed it to me and I could actually get students the practice they needed, often they needed at home as well. Because our students would for various reasons miss a lot of days of school, and so getting students the help they needed in the class or outside of the classroom, Khan Academy was a great help. When I was an AP teacher, I liked to use a variety of methods for engaging my students with the concepts we were learning, so I would some days like to give a lecture on the material or other days maybe play a game or do a simulation or maybe other days let them be self-paced in some review problems. And Khan Academy offers a way for teachers to do that in their classrooms. You have content creators like myself working at Khan Academy who have been teachers, teaching AP for many years, and we also have external reviewers who work closely with The College Board and who are table readers and grade the AP Test, all working together to make sure that the content is high quality for students. My entire career as a teacher I felt like I was doing the world good by teaching multiple groups of students a subject that I thought would be incredibly useful for their professional, academic, and everyday lives because teaching statistics, I feel like I'm equipping students with how to make informed decisions in their lives.
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