Solving rational equations

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The equations you are about to see are some of the hairiest in all of algebra. The key is to keep calm and don't let the rational equation be the boss of you.

Ex 1: Multi step equation

VIDEO 3:11 minutes
Turning a rational equation into a linear equation.

Solving rational equations 1

Solve equations with variables in numerator and denominator. Solutions can be fractions.

Rational equations

VIDEO 4:16 minutes
Rational Equations

Solving rational equations 1

VIDEO 4:12 minutes
Solving Rational Equations 1

Solving rational equations 2

VIDEO 4:08 minutes
Solving Rational Equations 2

Solving rational equations 3

VIDEO 4:32 minutes
Solving Rational Equations 3

Applying rational equations 1

VIDEO 5:26 minutes
Applying Rational Equations 1

Applying rational equations 2

VIDEO 6:00 minutes
Applying Rational Equations 2

Applying rational equations 3

VIDEO 7:59 minutes
Applying Rational Equations 3

Extraneous solutions to rational equations

VIDEO 3:03 minutes
Extraneous Solutions to Rational Equations

Extraneous solutions to rational equations

Solve a rational equation and ignore any extraneous solutions.

Rational inequalities

VIDEO 11:49 minutes
Two ways to solve a rational inequality (or an inequality involving a fractional expression)

Rational inequalities 2

VIDEO 13:15 minutes
Slightly harder rational inequality problem