Direct and inverse variation

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Whether you are talking about how force relates to acceleration or how the cost of movie tickets relates to the number of people going, it is not uncommon in this universe for things to vary directly. Similarly, when you are, say, talking about how hunger might relate to seeing roadkill, things can vary inversely. This tutorial digs deeper into these ideas with a bunch of examples of direct and inverse variation.

Direct and inverse variation

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Understanding direct and inverse variation

Recognizing direct and inverse variation

VIDEO 7:05 minutes
Examples of variables varying directly and inversely

Proportionality constant for direct variation

VIDEO 1:44 minutes
Proportionality Constant for Direct Variation

Direct and inverse variation

Select a function that indicates direct or inverse variation between two variables.

Direct variation models

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Direct Variation Models

Direct variation 1

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Direct Variation 1

Inverse variation application

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Inverse Variation Application

Direct inverse and joint variation

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Direct Inverse and Joint Variation

Direct variation application

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Direct Variation Application