Partial fraction expansion

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If you add several rational expressions with lower degree denominator, you are likely to get a sum with a higher degree denominator (which is the least-common multiple of the lower-degree ones). This tutorial lets us think about going the other way--start with a rational expression with a higher degree denominator and break it up as the sum of simpler rational expressions. This has many uses throughout mathematics. In particular, it is key when taking inverse Laplace transforms in differential equations (which you'll take, and rock, after calculus).

Partial fraction expansion 1

VIDEO 11:28 minutes
Introduction to partial fraction expansion

Partial fraction expansion 2

VIDEO 13:02 minutes
A more complex problem

Partial fraction expansion 3

VIDEO 10:35 minutes
Dealing with repeated factors

Partial fraction expansion

Represent a complicated rational fraction as a sum of simpler fractions using partial fraction expansion.