The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

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You may already have noticed that quadratic equations always have a solution when including complex number solutions. It turns out this is true for any polynomial equation, of any degree! Learn about this and more, right here.

Introduction to the Fundamental theorem of Algebra

VIDEO 5:34 minutes
Sal introduces the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, which, as is reflected in its name, is a very important theorem about polynomials.

Verifying that the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra holds for quadratic equations

VIDEO 6:35 minutes
The proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra for any degree of polynomial is really tough. For now, let's note that it indeed holds for polynomials of the second degree (i.e. quadratics).

Determining the number of possible real roots of a polynomial

VIDEO 3:46 minutes
The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra can be used in order to determine how many real roots a given polynomial has. Check it out!