Logarithm basics

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If you understand how to take an exponent and you're looking to take your mathematical game to a new level, then you've found the right tutorial. Put simply and confusingly, logarithms are inverse operators to exponents (just as subtraction to addition or division to multiplication). As you'll see, taking a logarithm of something tells you what exponent you need to raise a base to to get that number.


VIDEO 7:02 minutes
Intro to logarithms. Learning that logarithms are just a way of expressing "the exponent that you have to raise a base to to get another number"

Evaluating logarithms


Fancier logarithm expressions

VIDEO 4:20 minutes
Examples of logarithms that evaluate to fractional and negative values.

Evaluating logarithms 2


Graphing logarithmic functions

VIDEO 9:10 minutes
Graphing Logarithmic Functions