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Function inverses

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Functions associate a set of inputs with a set of outputs (in fancy language, they "map" one set to another). But can we go the other way around? Are there functions that can start with the outputs as inputs and produce the original inputs as outputs? Yes, there are! They are called function inverses! This tutorial works through a bunch of examples to get you familiar with the world of function inverses.

Introduction to function inverses

VIDEO 9:05 minutes
Introduction to Function Inverses

Function inverse example 1

VIDEO 6:44 minutes
Function Inverse Example 1

Function inverses example 2

VIDEO 7:12 minutes
Function Inverses Example 2

Function inverses example 3

VIDEO 7:35 minutes
Function Inverses Example 3

Inverses of linear functions

Determine the inverse of a linear function based on the equation and graph.

Algebraically finding inverses

Use algebra to find the inverse of a given function

Domain and range with inverse functions

Practice keeping track of domain and range of functions AND their inverses.