Analyzing functions

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You know a function when you see one, but are curious to start looking deeper at their properties. Some functions seem to be mirror images around the y-axis while others seems to be flipped mirror images while others are neither. How can we shift and reflect them? This tutorial addresses these questions by covering even and odd functions. It also covers how we can shift and reflect them. Enjoy!

How to identify positive and negative intervals (example)

VIDEO 1:10 minutes
Sal gives several example of graphs where he highlights positive or negative intervals of the function.

Positive and negative intervals

Identify positive and negative regions on graphs of functions

Recognizing odd and even functions

VIDEO 12:25 minutes
Even and odd functions

Connection between even and odd numbers and functions

VIDEO 4:08 minutes
A possible reason why even functions are called "even" and odd functions are called "odd"

Even and odd functions

Determine if a graphed function is even, odd, or neither.