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It is no hyperbole to say that hyperbolas are awesome. In this tutorial, we look closely at this wacky conic section. We pay special attention to its graph and equation.

Conic sections: Intro to hyperbolas

VIDEO 13:34 minutes
Introduction to the hyperbola

Conic sections: Hyperbolas 2

VIDEO 7:30 minutes
Continuation of the intro to hyperbolas

Conic sections: Hyperbolas 3

VIDEO 10:29 minutes
Part 3 of the intro to hyperbolas

Asymptotes of a hyperbola

Find the asymptotes of a hyperbola based on the equation.

Foci of a hyperbola

VIDEO 15:24 minutes
Introduction to the foci (focuses) of a hyperbola

Proof: Hyperbola foci

VIDEO 14:50 minutes
Proof of the hyperbola foci formula