Function introduction

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What is a function?

VIDEO 7:57 minutes
Functions assign a single unique output for each of their inputs. In this video, Sal gives many examples of various kinds of functions.

Difference between equations and functions

VIDEO 4:18 minutes
Jesse Roe and Sal talk about the difference between equations and functions

Relations and functions

VIDEO 6:57 minutes
Relations and Functions

Evaluating with function notation

VIDEO 11:49 minutes
Linear Function Graphs

How to evaluate a function given its formula (example)

VIDEO 0:59 minutes
Sal evaluates f(x)=49-x^2 at x=5.

How to evaluate a function given its graph (example)

VIDEO 0:44 minutes
Sal evaluates a function at x=-1 using the graph of that function.

Evaluating functions

Evaluate functions at a specific input value, given either the functions' formula or their graph.