Analyzing functions

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How to identify positive and negative intervals (example)

VIDEO 1:10 minutes
Sal gives several example of graphs where he highlights positive or negative intervals of the function.

Positive and negative intervals

Identify positive and negative regions on graphs of functions

Introduction to the symmetry of functions

VIDEO 12:25 minutes
Sal explains what it means for a function to be even, odd, or neither, both algebraically and graphically.

The connection between even and odd numbers and functions

VIDEO 4:08 minutes
A possible reason why even functions are called "even" and odd functions are called "odd."

Determine if a function is even or odd from its graph

Determine if a graphed function is even, odd, or neither.

How to determine the end behavior of a function from its graph (example)

VIDEO 2:23 minutes
Sal picks a function that has a given end behavior based on its graph.

How to determine the symmetry of a function from its graph (example)

VIDEO 3:53 minutes
Sal picks the function that is odd among three functions given by their graphs.