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Creativity break: What can we do to expand our creative skills?

Experts share their advice on how to expand our creative skills. Created by Khan Academy.

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(light upbeat music) (keyboard keys clicking) - There are so many ways that you can expand your creative and math skills without even really realizing that you're doing it. Like for me, I'm a big board game fan and I realize that there's so many games that involve math and learning how to solve problems. And sometimes like, just when you're cooking. I love to bake. And so I feel like I'm constantly using like fractions and learning how to do proportions, just because I'm doing things that I love. So I feel like the best way to expand your mathematical and creative skills are just doing what you love to do because probably it has some kind of math in it and some kind of creativity. - Try to connect what you're learning to your real life. It's really easy to be in the classroom and think that it's siloed and it's orthogonal from the world around you. The more we can connect what we're learning in the classroom to our real life, either via sports or entertainment, politics, news, whatever. The connection that you make between math and your real life will really help you appreciate the skills and the methods and find ways to transfer them outside of just the classroom alone. (light upbeat music)